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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almond Milk

Since the girls have gotten sick
with the Norovirus a couple weeks back
they have problems digesting dairy products

As in I give little Nolee a tiny bit of cheese
and almost immediately afterwards her tummy gets bloated
she says it hurts really bad & we end up in the bathroom
sometimes to the point of tears because of the pain

I know that after a stomach bug this isn't that uncommon
but it sure seems to be lingering for quite some time
this is one wicked bug

To ensure they are still getting the needed
nutrients for growing bodies
we have started buying Silk Almond Milk

It's lactose free and it's non-dairy
and so far does not appear to bother their little tummies
Lilly loves it and Nolee is kind of on the fence

When we were up at my parent's cottage
we brought our special milk & Papa asked Lilly what she was drinking
and Lilly immediately answered
"It's nut milk Papa"
In that isn't it obvious voice

Needless to say we all got a pretty good laugh
out of that (and yes all our minds are in the gutter)

1 comment:

  1. too funny! I have a friend that drinks nothing but "nut" milk :)