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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Fools!

I was switching out the calendar at home on Sunday and informed the girls that it was April now and that that very day was actually April Fools.  The girls wanted to know what that meant and I told them that it was a day to trick or play pranks on people which lead to the question of what is a prank.

Okay so this is the part where I absolutely know without a doubt an evil grin came across my face and I may or may not have rubbed my hands together as I said..."I'll show you".  Scott had just put some brats on the grill and then jumped in the shower real quick, so of course I being the loving wife that I am, tell the girls we are going to play a prank on Daddy.

I told Lilly to go run into our bathroom & tell Daddy "The grill is on fire!" (and yes I know I am don't have to tell me but you do have to admit it's funny...and Scott totally wouldn't hesitate to do the same right back to me...we must be meant to be :)

Well it must be in the genes because once I told Lilly this she got that evil crazy twinkle in her eyes...and then a case of the giggles.  Then she got a case of stage fright and said she couldn't do it so we enlisted Nolee (because around here we do not hesitate to enlist a 2 year old to be involved in evil pranks). 

We made sure she knew what she had to say and we sent her into the bathroom.  Lilly followed close behind (with silly grin on her face the entire time) so she wouldn't miss a second, while I hid outside the door so I could here the entire thing while trying to muffle my snickers with my hands. 

So Nolee runs into the bathroom yelling to Scott in the shower...."Daddy, Daddy, girls on fire!  Girls on fire!".  Of course then Lilly and I are laughing at Nolee's mix up, which makes Nolee laugh and Scott is just standing there looking at us like we are all crazy.  Good times, good times :).

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