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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Cut down trees - Check!  Scott took down all 3 trees in our yard this weekend and 5 in our neighbors yard (I guess the man likes to run a chainsaw).  To say I was a little nervous about having Scott tackle this by himself was putting it mildly.  They were not small trees by any means and some were darn close to the house.  I kept picturing a tree on top of our house (or the girl's swing set or the garden) and I may or may not have asked him repeatedly if he could handle it, or that maybe he should call my brother for reinforcements.

I am definitely eating my words now and did admit (more than once at Scott's request) that he was right :).  He did ask for help on one of them, but other than that he landed those suckers right where he wanted to.  I was actually quite impressed...and it's probably weird but it was kind of a turn on to watch him wield that chainsaw like a true lumberjack man ;).

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