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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sandbox Fun...For a Day

After seeing the huge mounds of sand in our backyard, the girls could not resist diving in and enjoying the biggest sandbox they have ever seen.  Luckily I had the day off last Friday so Nolee and I spent a good chuck of time out there, digging, building, demolishing and running up and down the sand hills.

Of course we had to take breaks from the "sandbox" to test our swinging & sliding skills.

Nolee was having so much fun I started thinking that maybe a sandbox in the backyard might not be a bad idea.  She wasn't even getting as dirty as I thought she would! 

Then Lilly got home after school...

This girl rolled in the sand, slid down the sand hills like it was a snow pile, did somersaults down the hill and at one point in time I even caught her doing sand angels.  It was like she had never seen a sandbox before and went completely nuts.  The sand was so ingrained into the seat of her pants it still hasn't come out after scrubbing & washing multiple times. 

So I was quickly second guessing the idea of a sandbox.  The idea totally went out the door once I stripped the girls down and found bites all around their hairline.  Turns out there were sand fleas in our humongous sand box :(.  Needless to say the girls have not been allowed to play in it since.

At least they had one crazy fun day in it :).

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