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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Little Farmer

Track season has begun and not only does that mean that Scott has a little assistant coach at every practice, but that we also had to figure out what to do with Lilly on meet nights.  My Dad, being the awesome Papa that he is, volunteered to have Lilly ride the bus home with him and then she could just tag along with him out at the farm.  To say Lilly was excited about this solution was putting it mildly - she talks about Papa's bus all the time and I've been talking up the farm and how much fun it is for some time now.  I don't know which she was more stoked about - the bus or the farm.  

Wednesday was Scott's first meet and Lilly popped out of bed bright and early and the first thing she said was "I get to go on the bus & to the farm today!!".  This was quite a change from having to literally drag her out of bed most mornings for school.  I dropped off her "farm" clothes on my way to work and couldn't wait to hear the stories when I got home.

When Nolee & I went to pick her up after work we couldn't find anyone - so we just started to follow the noise.  We found them quick enough - Lilly was actually riding with Papa in the Skid steer cleaning out the alley ways.  When she got done she ran up to us with a perma grin on her face and it was pretty obvious she was having a blast. 

The entire ride home she told us about her day and the kids she saw on the bus and how she helped Papa feed the calves, and how the calves ran towards her but they were on chains so they couldn't get her, and on and on and on.  She barely took time to catch her breath.  Then she tells me this...

Lilly:  "Mommy guess what!"
Me:  "What?"
Lilly:  "I got to ride with Papa and push the mud into the lake"
Me:  I was kind of dumbfounded for a second, because we do not have a lake on my Dad's farm.  They are in the process of building more barns, so the mud was possible, but didn't quite make sense.  Then it hit me & I just had to laugh as I told her..."Honey that wasn't mud and that most definitely is not a lake"
Lilly:  "Then what was....ohhh EWWWW that was poop?!?  Gross!"
Me:  By now I'm laughing my butt off and had to remind her that she had some "mud" on her boots still which brought on a whole more ewwws and grosses.

Oh and in case you are wondering and didn't grow up on a farm...the "mud" was manure and the "lake" was the very large manure pit.  My Dad is gonna crack up when I tell him.

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