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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st Day of School

Yesterday the big day was finally here
Lilly started preschool
She has been excited all summer
and could barely sleep the night before

We picked out a special outfit
and packed up her backpack
and we were all up bright and early the morning of
some of us were excited
some of us were nervous

Nolee was all set to stay with her big sis
and was not very happy to leave her side

I may or may not have cried...
but Nolee cried right along with me
and I may have had a flashback of sorts
driving just one child to daycare

All I could think about was the many times
I've driven Lilly to daycare
and how we would talk about her day
or practice our words, colors, numbers & ABC's
and how that will never happen again
sniff sniff

I'm so excited to have a big girl
who is amazing and completely ready for school
who is one of the most independent, stubborn
& funny kids I have ever met
but I'm sure gonna miss my little girl...
who needed her mommy to help
and couldn't do EVERYTHING on her own :).

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