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Thursday, September 8, 2011

We start them young around here...

This weekend ended on a cold note
but the sun was shining
and it was perfect fall weather
and perfect weather for preparing a deer blind

So we took the girls
and Scott's supplies and headed out
Scott handled the deer blinds
and us girls went exploring

On the way back we let this one
have her first taste of driving

First let me say we were in a field
not on the road
and second...she is one CRAZY driver!
She would just keep turning the wheel back & forth
and laughing like crazy

She had a blast though
and of course Lilly took her turn as well
Lilly (being Lilly) took it much more serious
and kept us pretty darn straight

Both girls thought they were the coolest things :).

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  1. That is too cute!! We do that with the kids in my dad's boat and Easton is all over the place too!! :)