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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Family Photos by Carrie House

I don't know what it is about fall
but it is my most absolute favorite time of year
I get visions of pumpkins, apple cider, wagon rides
cornstalks and beautiful colors all dancing in my head

I want to take long walks
and explore nature
or just sit in a hayfield
& ponder the beauty around me

So when a wonderful friend of ours
offered to take some family photos for us
to help build her portfolio
it was like the stars aligned
and I'm pretty sure before Scott even
finished conveying the message to me
I was jumping up and down saying YES YES YES!!
I even had the perfect spot in mind
It's one of my most favoritest spots in the wide world
and if I ever win the lotto or something crazy like that
I'm building my dream house there

Carrie bought her awesome camera in January
and has been practicing on her adorable son ever since
(who is one of the cutest little guys I have ever seen)

I have only seen a fraction of the pictures
she took of us on that beautiful day
but I'm already completely amazed
Carrie has some talent with a capital T

And she was wonderfully patient with our girls
who had to be repeatedly coaxed
to even get a slip of a smile out of them
and wanted to take a snack break after every 5 minutes

The hardest part will be picking out which ones to print
because they are all my favorites!
There is a ridiculous amount of photos in this post...
sorry but I just couldn't help myself :).

All photo's taken by the talented Carrie House

This next one is my all time absolute favorite

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