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Friday, September 9, 2011

Milk - it does a body good

So with Lilly being in preschool
and us not being allowed to pack a cold lunch
(a rule in the program...that I did not know about)
we are trying very hard to teach her
healthy eating habits
even when we are not there looking over her shoulder

We go over the lunch menu every night
and discuss what would be healthy choices
She is doing very well
and always visits the salad bar
to get her fruits & veggies
and tends to shy away from more of the processed foods
not completely mind you - I mean she is a kid
and they have chicken nuggets!
We just want to make sure her meals are balanced

The teacher has informed us
that Lilly is one of the healthiest eaters in her class

One of our healthy choices
is to choose white milk over chocolate milk
except on Fridays
because we are also trying to teach her
about moderation

Well my lovely daughter has taken it one step further
Yesterday the teacher told us Lilly was explaining to
the other kids in line (who were picking out chocolate milk)
that they weren't making very healthy choices
and that they needed the white milk to
help them grow up healthy & strong

Is it horrible that this made me laugh out loud
...but also made me proud?

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