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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The $25 Computer Amoire

So we finally decided to take the plunge
and purchase a new computer
This is our early Christmas gift to eachother
It's an all in one (no tower) wireless and touchscreen
there is only 1 cord, which is to plug it in
and I love that

The problem was that now that we were getting a computer
we needed someplace to put it
I wanted it as close to the kitchen as possible
and would have preferred it be in the kitchen
but the way our house is set up that just wasn't possible

We decided on the front room
(we really need to think of a different name for that room)
which was formally the dining room in it's previous life

Then the search began for the perfect desk/hutch/whatever would work
and of course I didn't want to spend a lot
which I know makes a ton of sense since we just spent
big bucks on the actual computer

I scoured craigslist and the thrift stores in town
when I happened to run into this new thrift store and ran across this

It's a computer armoire...which I totally had to explain to Scott
and it was priced at $32, but the nice lady offered to go down to $25

I love that it already has a cork board and white board built in

So of course I planned on painting it
and I may or may not have had some minor meltdowns during the process
Let's just say the holiday time is not the best time for me to
take on new I can gladly say this is my last
until after the first of the year

Anyway here it is all painted, distressed, glazed and pretty
sitting in our front room/office :).

I have seen the book page walls everywhere on pinterest and totally love them
so I incorporated the idea on the back, which made it easy to cut
through for the air holes as well.

Here's another idea that originated on pinterest (love that thing!)
I just added some scrap book paper to one of those ugly
steralite storage drawers and prettied it up

These cute little boxes I found at Meijer
and still need to grab one more
They are perfect for storing craft/office materials

Here's our little helper
she was so interested in what was going on :)
and no I just cannot bring myself to cut her bangs...
she is 2 years old and has never had a hair cut
but Lilly was 3 before she had one so I guess we are okay
I do do her hair in the mornings so it's out of her eyes...

I love that it has a double pull out
it will be the perfect place for Scott to put his books
while working on his classes

My favorite part is that we can close the doors on the mess whenever we want
and that this keeps the girls from using it unless we are watching...for now

It actually fits in the room pretty well
for a room that is longer than it is wide
and has some funky angles to work with :)

And then of course we all decided we should sit down
and watch a movie (Santa Claus 2 - one of the girls' favorites)
on our new computer...even though the TV is right in the other room
and of course is bigger

I love memories like that that involve the whole family :)
& I love that I have no other projects to do for over a month
I plan on spending lots & lots of time playing, reading, baking
Santa cookies, watching Christmas movies and just being!

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