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Friday, November 11, 2011

What Makes Me Smile

-Walking into my closet & finding Nolee (all by herself) trying on my shoes

-Finding that random barrette or hair clip from the girls in my purse

-Warm coffee on a lazy Saturday morning

-Warm sunshine on my face

-The first snow flurries

-The "Mommy!!" I hear when I pick up my kids after work

-The sight of my girls sleeping

-Cornfields or Hayfields

-Nolee's random "Hi!"

-The girls' baby pictures

-When Lilly uses the word "Awkward...", which is not always done correctly

-A completed project

-Christmas shopping

-Snuggling while watching Saturday morning cartoons (Phinas & Ferb is our favorite)

-Talking about our future with Scott (and yes that includes future paint colors too)

-Sunday dinners at my parent's

-Holidays with all the hustle & bustle & noise of family gatherings

-Watching Lilly tackle the uneven bars at gymnastics

-Trying to prank my brother


-Spending an entire Saturday with just the girls & Scott

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend that is filled with lots of smiles

1 comment:

  1. These are so precious and I can see why they make you smile. :)
    When MacGyver was on TV I recorded almost every episode on tape, I still have them, too bad I don't have a VCR anymore. :(