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Friday, November 18, 2011

Speaking Of...

Wow it feels like this week has been jam packed
work has been busy
we've been busy & off schedule at home with the big deer day festivities
and to top it off I have an unrelenting urge to clean, organize & purge

I tackled the craft room last weekend
and threw out 2 whole trash bags of stuff
that I kept with good intentions
or thoughts that I would figure out what to do with it eventually
but just never got around to
Good thing is - now I can actually find stuff

We tackled the kitchen/pantry last night
we have an entire cabinet that is empty now
with nothing to put in it...I dare say we have too much room!
and the pantry is looking pretty darn bare
...but we do need to go grocery shopping

Anyway we were getting the girls ready for bed last night
and I was putting on Lilly's PJs
we are practicing buttons right now
I do the first and she tackle the rest

As she was tackling her buttons
I was helping her put on her bottoms and I said
"Lilly put your foot in please"
and this is what my 4 year old replied
"Speaking of IN, I am putting these buttons IN their holes"

I just kind of stared at her in amazement
they sure do teach different stuff in preschool now a days :).

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