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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New/Old Bathroom Mirror

Well we got the bathroom mirror up
and I love it!
My parents had bought a dresser on craigslist
that didn't work out for their space
so they gave the dresser to my sister
and I was lucky enough to get the mirror that attached to the back

When I first told Scott I wanted to hang that mirror
with the frame & all
in our bathroom
I got some funny looks
but thankfully he is getting used to my weird ideas
and just went with it with only a few grumbles here & there

We had to find something to cover up the screws on the bottom
and I really wanted a shelf
so we grabbed a piece of barn wood in our garage
cut it down to size and screwed it to the bottom

It's probably not something that everyone is going to like
but I love it and I'm so excited about the character it adds
to our somewhat blah bathroom :).

We still have to do something about the light fixture
I'm thinking we will spray paint it for now
and then that way I won't feel like I'm in a big rush to replace it
...and then buy something that will work, but I don't really love
cuz I do that all the time!!

I can't believe a bathroom is taking weeks to re-decorate!
we have a few more projects to complete the room
and I'm trying to not rush it as I like that
collected over time cool old stuff that somehow meshes perfectly together look
but for someone who is very impatient it is hard to go at this pace

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  1. I love it!! What a beautiful piece and I think it is a perfect place to put it. :)