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Monday, November 14, 2011


So this weekend I finally got around
to trying out an awesome Terriaki Salmon recipe a friend gave me

5 ingredients, so simple, so quick & SO good!

So as we are eating at the dinner table...
Lilly:  "Mommy this chicken tastes funny"
Me:  "Well that's because it's fish, not chicken"
Lilly:  "It's fish?!?  Ewww"
Me:  "Not ewww, it's good for you, now eat your fish"
Lilly:  "So...does somebody catch the fish?"
Me:  "Yup"
Lilly:  "And then you buy it?"
Me:  "Yup, and then we bring it home & I cook it"
Lilly:  "Mommy how did you get the fish inside?  Wasn't it
really floppy?"
Scott & I:  Cracking up :).

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