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Friday, December 16, 2011

Chocolate Mustache

I had to take Nolee in for some tests this week
She has been complaining about her knee off and on
to the point that one day she wouldn't walk on it at all...
but she would crawl and kneel on it
so to be on the safe side I figured we better just get
it checked out.

The Dr ordered x-rays and blood work
LOTS of blood work
I asked if they could just to a finger poke
but no they had to draw from a vein in her arm
and I had to hold her down
while she SCREAMED the entire time
I totally hate doing that and feel like such a bully
while my kids look at me and cry

So after all that was out of the way
I decided to get her a cookie at the hospital bake sale
something to help in case she felt woozy
and just because I felt so horrible for her

She picked out chocolate covered oreos
and was very specific about the fact that she wanted
the brown chocoloate - not the white

I let her eat hers in the car
on the way home
and I couldn't help but crack up at her face

There was chocolate everywhere
and then she started to look funny and stopped eating
and I seriously thought I was going to have to clean
chocolate puke off of the back of my seat

Luckily though the poor little girl was just tuckered right out
so she fell asleep with half eaten cookie in hand
and the funniest chocolate mustache I have seen

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