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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nolee's hidden talent

So since birth Nolee has had this talent
I don't know if talent is the right word...
but I can't think of a better one
and I haven't had coffee yet this morning
so talent is what we are going with

She can hold her breath for an extremely long time
I know - every kid can do that right
well not like her

This usually happens when she is upset
and crying/screaming
and before that first big scream comes
she about turns blue in the face

At first we were freaked out
we would blow in her face, pat her on the back
or do anything to get her to breath

But we finally just realized
she will breath when she is ready
All of our immediate family knows this
and we don't freak out anymore

But when it happens in a public place
say JCPenny's while you are trying to
do some last minute Christmas shopping
you may get some weird looks from people

They look at me like they are freaked
and that I should be doing something
instead of just holding her calmly
and trying to shield my ears (cuz that first scream is LOUD)

I always feel like I need to reassure these people
that this is perfectly normal for our little Nolee
and that she is just practing up to be
the next Michael Phelps :).

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