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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Not So Sneaky Thief

So Miss Nolee has quite the fascintion with chapstick
it's actually probably closer to an obsession

she will sit there and put it on for hours
and not just her lips...
she has put it on all over her face
all over her baby's body
oh and there was the time she dug it out with her finger
(pink mind you) and wiped it all over my carpet

Nolee also loves to hand feed Charlie (our dog)
She will grab handfulls of his dog food (dry)
and either feed him piece by piece
or just dump a handfull in random places
around the house...
apparently she thinks Charlie appreciates a change of
venue from time to time

So why am I telling you these two random things?
Because this is what I found in my bathroom drawer
the other morning...

Where my chapstick usually sits
were 3 random pieces of Charlie's dog food

I'm no Sherlock Holmes but
it was pretty easy to piece together the pieces of this puzzle :)

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