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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Visit with Santa

So we had our annual P family Christmas this weekend
Let me just say that I have such amazing memories from these Christmas parties
My dad is 1 of 10 kids and each of his brothers
and sisters have at least 2 kids and now us cousins have kids
It truly is amazing to sit there in a room FULL of our family
(there is somewhere around 90 of us now)
and think that all of this is because of my Grandparents
Just Amazing

There was an abundance of good food, good people
and good times
We laughed, we played, we visited and
some of us cried

One of the traditions we have is that Santa actually
brings the presents at this family Christmas
as in the big guy is there in the flesh
All of the kids get called up and get to sit on his lap
and then get a present

Last year both girls did great
they sat on his lap & said thank you
so I was quite surprised by the reaction of Nolee this year

The minute Santa walked into the door
my giddy, bubbly little girl turned into
a crying, screaming, clinging spider monkey

I felt so bad for her
but at the same time it was funny
no I'm not in it will be funny when we look back on this

Lilly on the other hand did very well
although she was on the shy side

When Santa went to leave and everyone was waving bye
this is what Nolee did...until he was gone

It didn't last long though
within minutes she was back to playing & giggling
and trying to keep up with the big kids

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