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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mr. Fix It

Okay if your name is Scott
you probably shouldn't read this

So Lilly is now in preschool
and we are now enduring the same thing
parents all over the world go through...
the dreaded missing gloves

I've heard plenty from other parents about this
"How do they only lose one every time?"
"How can they lose one every day?"

Coworkers have told me they have a bin
full of gloves at the beginning of the season
and by the time spring rolls around
there is not ONE matching set in the bin

So I know we are not alone

Last week Scott informed me that Lilly
kept losing her gloves on the playground
and I asked him to fix it
as it just felt like I was going in a million directions
at that point in time

That was the last I heard of it until I saw these
sitting on my table last weekend

Yes that is a piece of yarn from my craft supply
tying them together 

And yes he did just cut a hole in the glove
and tie the yarn on

On the positive side she didn't lose her gloves at all this week
and there was no duct tape involved
AND he did attempt to fixt it
and I'm sure I will still chuckle about this years from now

While at Meijer the other day we picked up these...
We'll see how long these stay put

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  1. Your husband is a GENIUS, I wish I would have thought of that! Oh wait I did!